MPS – A better way to fix bugs, for a better customer relationship: Xtandit’s best practice

Julien Guerrand – IMPSGA Community manager: Elco, can you explain present yourself and your job at Xtandit?
Elco Verkleij: My name is Elco, I work at Xtandit since May 2005. I started in a sales role, later I worked on project management and since 3,5 years I am responsible for services operations. The department Services operations started with 2 people and has now grown to 9 people.

The responsibility of the service delivery department is keep our customers satisfied. Key persons in the team are our service delivery managers who manage the operational quarterly service reviews with our managed print service customers. Next to this we have a customer service desk that handles all customer queries. Next to the service operations team we have a team of analysts who support the service desk with all the software questions. Main goal is to obtain customer satisfaction and meet the agreed Service Level agreements. Our customers have one telephone number as a single point of contact for all print related questions and contract

JG: Which were the disorders in the bug fixing before? How did this idea come to you?
EV: We experienced that our customers had no Single point of contact and needed to contact several parties for support. Xtandit placed all the support under one Servicedesk and we now have total control off all our managed print service customers. We can support pro-active when devices are down and offer just in time delivery for all consumables. Together with the solutions of supporting also non Xerox devices we offer our customers a full solution.

JG: In a few words, can you explain the process ?
EV: Xtandit service desk is a level 1 partner of Xerox. We are performing our own remote call assistence and we are the single point of contact for all our managed print service customers. Support questions from one of our MANAGED PRINT SERVICE customers are logged and depending of the issue we will act to send an engineer onsite or one of our software analysts. We also can take over remotely the Xerox devices and network of the customer.  One of the main advantages is that we support level 1,2 and 3 in house for all the software solutions (iXware, Equitrac, NSI autostore, Nuance)

Note: Xtandit doesn’t have an own service engineer, breakfix calls are handled by Xerox CSO.

Call ahead procedure
Incidents that are reported by customers at the Xtandit customer Service Desk are directed to the Xerox Customer Service Organisation (CSO) within 15 minutes. Before the call is redirected to initiate a visit from a service engineer, the Remote Call Assistance Analist from Xtandit will try to solve the issue remote via for example team viewer, VPN connection or access to the network environment of the customer. Since the REMOTE CALL ASSISTANCE Analist is fully aware of the situation at the customer he or she will try to solve the incident by giving the right advice to the contact at customer site. With the current Xerox connect key platform we are better capable to solve the issue. Next to trying to solve the issue the contact at customer site will determine together with the REMOTE CALL ASSISTANCE Analist what the response time for the incident needs to be. For 31% of the users we are able to solve the reported issue remotely

JG: Did the Xtandit team follow a training to understand what changed?
EV: The team is trained internally to keep up with changes in the market, from a box oriented driven company to a services and solutions driven company. Next to that we are trained by Xerox every 6 months by engineers from the Xerox fieldservice. And last we use the Xerox learning environment for online trainings.

JG: How did you communicate to your customers?
EV: The communication on our ‘new’ service department is mainly via our sales teams and also with newsletters and blogs supported by our marketing department. We are also have implemented recently Service cloud an Servicemax by to gain 360 degrees feedback with our customers. According to the service level agreement we frequently visit customers for face to face communication

JG: How did they react? Did they realize that something changed?
EV: Main change for existing customers was that consumables where delivered automatically and that they could turn to one SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT for all their service questions. When we started some of our customers were not used to the call ahead procedure and some had the impression that it took more time. Now after 2 years of Remote Call Assistance our customers are experiencing the advantages and is our expertise appreciated. Definitely this has contributed to our customers satisfaction level, which has gone up after implementation.

JG: A few months later, what report can you make? Which improvements can you imagine?
EV: Higher customer satisfaction, better response time and repair, growth in Remote call assistance and better communication supported by our software platform. We have planned to launch a customer portal to improve our two-way communication with our customers and suppliers. We also want to gain customer loyalty with Managed print services with the main goal that customers will never leave Xtandit.