Intersys S.A., an independent Greek company, holds a leading position in Printing, Information Management, Lighting & Surveillance Solutions for the office, and Professional Printing in Greece. Intersys was the first to implement an MPS project in Greece combining both hardware and software, and to provide customers with solutions of a wider variety designed to increase office productivity while decreasing operating costs.

Since 2010, the company has fully embraced the digital era by enriching its business solutions portfolio including digital solutions in information management, printing, lighting & network video surveillance. On a European perspective, Canon- through Intersys- in Greece has reached the 4th top position in Europe with 83% in the Customer Loyalty Index (CLI) benchmark and 87% in Service Satisfaction, according to the respective survey conducted by an independent bureau on behalf of Canon where more than 4.000 Intersys customers participate. The exceptional performance of Intersys has been recognized through the years with top market awards like Gold & Bronze Business I.T. Excellence Awards, as well as Gold Self-Service Excellence Award & the Canon Business Innovation Award.

Intersys is, also, the first company in the MPS industry to introduce a proprietary software platform that automatically optimizes multi-printer deployment end to end with the ultimate goal of finding the optimal printing device mix, thus generating an optimal TCO.

What makes Intersys stand out in the Greek market and drives its business strategy, is that it has a clear mission which is to provide simple, functional, beneficial, cutting-edge technology that will add value to every customer’s business.

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