You are an independent MPS provider… and would like to join the association

IMPSGA (Independent MPS Global Alliance), was founded in 2012 for premium managed print service (MPS) providers across Europe to work together on best practice, commercial synergies and cross border service delivery.

Our group has a philosophy of open discussions and highest standards both professional and ethical.

If you think you qualify, we will be happy to have you join our association.

Please note that we have a one member only per country policy in order to keep independence and professional credentials above any other consideration. It is one of the founding principles of the Alliance that each member has exclusivity within its home territory.

You will be expected to attend the association meetings and contribute to richness of the debate. This will enable you in turn to benchmark your activity and be able to deliver world-class services. Serving international clients with professionalism is a key requirement.


  • Benchmark your activity vs. best in class… lots to learn
  • Access to European wide supplies procurement at preferential prices (in place)
  • Access to European wide software deals (in discussion)
  • Visibility on the IMPSGA web site… use in local marketing (showing you are a member of the best in class group)
  • Receive orders another country signs a client under a global contract, and it has a subsidiary in your country

About IMPSGA:  The Alliance has, as of today, more than 105,000 devices under management, with a breadth of service delivery on 12 brands.

The Alliance will continue to expand with the addition of more partners in new geographical regions.

To contact us, please contact Jean Louis de La Salle or Dominic Keogh by using this form.