About Us

IMPSGA (Independent MPS Global Alliance), was founded in 2012, as a European alliance of premium print channel partners, who provide an independent managed print service (MPS) offering to customers, ranging from SMBs up to enterprise level organisations.

Since its inception in 2012, IMPSGA has expanded, both in terms of its membership, and in the scope of its activities. The Alliance now has members in most major countries in Europe, and has extended into the US and Caribbean.

Collectively, IMPSGA members have combined annual revenues exceeding US$ 1,5 BN, serve approximately 110,000 customers, and have over 650,000 devices under management. This makes IMPSGA the largest independent print channel alliances, with very significant commercial leverage.

The members meet formally twice per year, to share ideas, expertise, and best practice. Meetings usually include guest presentations from prominent organisations in the Printing & Imaging industry, including leading OEMs and software providers. Members also co-operate on a range of commercial initiatives, including procurement, development of new service offerings and software apps, and supporting each other in serving international customers.

A cardinal principle for IMPSGA is INDEPENDENCE. This means complete vendor neutrality. Together, the members represent most of the major Printing & Imaging OEMs, but there is no preference in respect of any individual manufacturers.

Another founding principle of the Alliance is that each member has exclusivity within its home territory. This ensures there are no conflicts between members, and allows for an open discussion and exchange of information

IMPSGA continues to expand with the addition of more partners in new geographical regions.