IMPSGA event: Breda, NL

This next event is happening in Holland in the beautiful city of Breda. Breda is a wonderful fun-loving city in the southern part of Holland. It is where royal history and street art meet. 

We will meet mid October 2023 hosted by CBC Nederland, one of our recent members. 

They have a very impressive facility and have shown high levels of professionalism.

IMPSGA is also proud to welcome a Norwegian company as well as an Irish company. The latter has a background in IT services including cybersecurity services. Members will see how one can enjoy success in this area.

This event, the 29th of its kind, will be sponsored by KATUN, a trusted provider of OEM compatible equipment for over 44 years.
Katun prides itself with the provision to their customers with the optimal combination of high quality, cost savings, innovation, and support to enable their businesses to grow and prosper – with Katun regarded as their invaluable and trusted business partner.