You are an end-user client… and would like to understand how the Alliance can help you

IMPSGA (Independent MPS Global Alliance), was founded in 2012 for premium managed print service (MPS) providers across Europe to work together on best practice, commercial synergies and cross border service delivery.

We group managed service-orientated value added resellers whose main business is focussed on delivering independent MPS to mid-sized corporations and large enterprises.

Research shows that only 31% of large enterprises and 15% of mid market businesses prefer manufacturer delivered MPS solutions. Thus, there is a strong preference for independent providers to serve this market, and many MPS users have requirements in more than one country.

We provide freedom and choice for the customer that has not been available internationally until now. The members are convinced that this freedom will better answer end users’ needs across Europe, who will in turn select Alliance members for their requirements.

The intent of the Alliance is to bring clarity around what MPS truly is and delivers, in an environment unbiased by other business requirements that may impair the delivery performance.

” The true values of MPS have become unclear over recent years with a wide range of meanings across the OEMs and independent channels. This global international partnership has been brought together to re-define the core values and drive best practice, service excellence and leading agnostic solutions to customers.”    

John Taylor, CEO of M2, based in London, UK.

About IMPSGA:  The Alliance has, as of today, more than 105,000 devices under management, with a breadth of service delivery on 12 brands.

The Alliance will continue to expand with the addition of more partners in new geographical regions.

To contact us, please contact Jean Louis de La Salle or Dominic Keogh by using this form.