Koesio, the French leader in digital services for VSEs/SMEs and local authorities is organized into six areas of expertise covering all digital fields: printing, dematerialization, IT, management and data, security and unified communications.Koesio has a sharp and recognized expertise in the processing of information and communication in all its forms, audio, visual, documentary and digital.
In order to be as close as possible to its customers, Koesio is located in the heart of business areas in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Its origin comes from C’PRO, specialized in printing hardware, created in 1991 in Valence (South-East of France) by Pieric Brenier. Through the years, the company diversified and acquired several companies with different digital fields expertises. In September 2021, all of them have been regrouped under the brand Koesio. This growth has been built over the years through external growth, with a turnover of €750 million in 2021, and a portfolio of more than 80,000 customers. It employs 3,100 persons and has more than 190 branches nation wide. The company made also made its international debut with acquisitions in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Koesio also attaches great importance to the well-being at work of its employees, and in 2022 is once again nominated as “Best workplace” by the independent label “GREAT PLACE TO WORK”.

Koesio’s ambition is to be its clients’ unique interlocutor for IT topics, and to enable a unique proximity through the development of its branch network throughout France.

Let’s share some of our vision:

Our company puts employee first, always!

Our company is a societal company, involved in every territory.

Our company is resilient and built with strong recurrent incomes. Our company has multi-field expertise, with a large portfolio in IT, Telecom and software solutions.