International Expertise at Soennecken eG Headquarters.

The IMPSGA i.e. “Independent MPS Global Alliance” members met this June in Overath to discuss and exchange around the latest MPS subjects and market developments. An important part of the meeting was the subject “Workflow Management Software” presented by JobRouter AG, a partner of Soennecken eG.


The IMPSGA members meet 4 times a year, somewhere around the world, to discuss international developments of the MPS market, products and services. This time guests from France, Spain, Great-Britain, Holland and Romania travelled to the hilly town of Overath.

IMPSGA is an association of reputable companies, all operating in the field of MPS hardware and services. It was established in 2012 and has one member per country – in Germany Soennecken. The alliance is focussed on mid-size companies as they show a high preference for “independent” vendors of MPS solutions.

The members include, among others, Ergo from Ireland, Xtandit from Holland, Hexapage from France, M2 in Great-Britain, MHermida in Spain and Audire in Guadeloupe/French West indies.
Fritz-Jochen Weber, member of the board and Founder of JobRouter AG in Mannheim, Germany presented, during the Overath meeting, the Workflow Management System.
This Soennecken Partner has developed it successfully and markets it worldwide – including subsidiaries in Morocco and Turkey as well as an office in Poland.

“Our members are already successfully underway with the JobRouter solution.The comments form our foreign colleagues were extremely positive“

Winfried Schneider, Leader the Print and Copy Business Unit of Soennecken

The participants praise platform independent software solutions such as JobRouter and recognise this as a solid trend for the future. All agreed that the sale of such products requires a consultative approach, which should be reflected in the style and experience of the sales personnel.

Steven Swift, co-chair of IMPSGA reported on the recent Boston HP analyst meeting. HP brings, after a major reorganisation of the company, new products to the Printing market.

Swift gave also a perspective on how the 3D Printing marketplace could evolve in the future. The formal meeting was preceded on the previous evening by a less formal dinner where members could exchange views in a more relaxed atmosphere. To conclude the event, the participants were guided through Soennecken’s central warehouse in Overath. “The participants were amazed and impressed by the sheer size and the sophisticated technology deployed in our warehouse“, commented Winfried Schneider. The participants of this international gathering commented very positively on the logistics deployed in Overath.