Soennecken and perform IT expand cooperation

With the software from perform IT, Soennecken members can analyze and optimize their customers’ printer, IT and office infrastructures.

The development of resellers to become service providers further expands service and service expertise in the digital market. A new Covid-19 package helps customers design their workplaces quickly and securely.

Perform IT GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of software solutions for analyzing and optimizing printer, IT and office infrastructures. With the software, sales employees can identify additional sales potential.

With the tool used worldwide, dealers can analyze and optimize the customer’s workplace easily, holistically and with understandable criteria. For example, costs, processes, capital commitment and environmental aspects are taken into account. It is also possible to add IT equipment, software and services (workplace audit).

The cooperation between the two companies, which has existed for years, will be expanded with a framework agreement. With this as a basis, Soennecken members can access a special package of software and services from perform IT.

“This enables us to further expand the service and service expertise of our dealers in the digital market. They can quickly and individually show their customers potential for improvement and advise them on further measures. Experienced users of the platform were able to significantly increase their success rates through this consulting approach. With the short-term development of the “Covid-19” module, perform IT decided almost overnight to expand the software tool. With the help of the new module, dealers can digitally design and implement the Covid-19-compatible workplace together with their customers.

Christof Rösch, Head of Printing and Copying at Soennecken

“Companies are desperately looking for help to transform their workplaces safely and employee-friendly,”

Armin Alt, managing director of perform IT GmbH

Thanks to the quick response, dealers can now quickly and flexibly support their customers in returning to their workstations step by step and safely.