The secret weapon of your business: Wide Format Printing supported by Intersys

Business demands are increasing, there’s a daily need for diversification, and costs continuously go up. How can a business cope? Do you want to promote your company and you are sceptical of the cost?

Do you need impressive precision prints for your architectural designs in the immediacy of office computer next to you? Are you looking for a way to offer your customers a customized product in the simplest way?

Intersys has the solution: Unleash the prospects of your business with the Canon WideFormat Printing products. Canon WFP products will enable you to produce high quality printing applications and thus stand out from your competition. These printing solutions are designed for entrepreneurs who are incompatible with conventional solutions and are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to achieve the ultimate business success.

Large Printers Format from Canon allow you to print, at high speed, large quantities with extreme precision and impressive colours where needed. Thanks to their double print rolls, they allow you to print without interruptions and delays. New security features for your printers enable you to print safely without the risk of information leaks and improved usability. 

The Large Format Printers, thanks to their enhanced features, are machines that provide you with flexibility and ability to print all your designs without being limited by the equipment and the printing costs.

UV technology Gel ink, and the incomparable quality and know-how of Canon make your business’ possibilities endless! From the printing of decorative products, up to posters,Canon Océ Wide Format and Flatbed Printers will impress you.

Decorate your products – In a saturated market, there are plenty of choices for the consumer. The packaging of the product and the decoration need to stand out: they are the first things that the consumer sees and it plays a key role in effectively promoting products, but it can also be a determining factor in the sale of the product. Try the Arizona Océ printers to print from digital boards to boxes, stickers or even personalized furniture and small items!

But your options do not stop there – you can use Canon printers even at the production level as they allow you to create innovative, original products making prototyping easy, personalization & customization easier, faster and cheaper. Your print options in special applications are infinite, as you can print from  to glass prints and all kinds of flexible & rigid materials. With Wide Format Flatbed printers, creating such products is now easy and offers high profit margins due to the low production costs.

Print signage, posters  – outdoors advertising is a way to promote your business with impressive results without being  limiting yourself in the walls of your business. Colorado printers can be used to create corporate labels, billboards and have vivid, beautiful colours over time without fading from the adverse weather conditions.

The usability, speed and low printing costs ofCanon Wide Format Printers give businesses exceptional growth opportunities and unlimited prospects to offer the market and consumers superior quality results that will make them stand out from competition. Express your creativity and make your business stand out!