IMPSGA event // A glimpse at tropical France

This next event is happening in France but quite far away. France has one of the largest maritime areas (2nd in the world just behind the United States of America) with more than 10 million km². 

We will meet late March 2023 in Guadeloupe hosted by Audiré, one of our longest standing members.

This event was due in March 2020 when the pandemic struck! So with 3 years delay, we are going to meet one of our smallest members but not the least inventive. They have been doing Flat rate MPS for years and are really ahead in this aspect. They develop their own software to enable their clients to automate their processes, they manage their electronic archiving so fulfilling services like few do. 

IMPSGA is also proud to welcome its new Canadian member. So with USA, Canada and Caribbean presence, IMPSGA is more than just European. As we had already crossed the Atlantic Ocean, we felt it was a good opportunity to have a US based sponsor. 

This event, the 28th of its kind, will be sponsored by NEXERA a BEI Services Company out of Nevada. 

Over 25 years, NEXERA (formerly BEI) has worked hard to continually develop new and innovative solutions for customers to meet the needs of a changing and often challenging industry. Their solutions incorporate workflows and detailed structure and process best practices to identify and act on opportunities to increase profitability and ROI. Their mission is to provide customers with the most accurate, results-producing comparative copier/printer device data and benchmarks available in the industry, allowing them to achieve world class performance in service operations. They capture data from each individual device in the field and then compare them against benchmarks from their Worldstats™ database (an amazing 4.5 Million assets ) to determine if this device is a problem device and if so why.