IMPSGA event // Welcome to sunny Rhône Valley, in France 

We are returning to France, but this time 100 kms south of Lyon, to visit Koesio, the IMPSGA member in France. This is the new name of C’Pro a remarkable success story in our industry.

Started some 30 years ago as a small dealer and has now 750 Mio€ revenues and is 3100 employees strong. A story of over 100 acquisitions in 10 years. Thanks to the combination of dynamism and its scale, Koesio has a number of initiatives that set it apart from the rest. New finance services, a recycling factory, a unique subscription model of IT, telephony and print, all in one contract.

This event, the 27th of its kind, will be sponsored by Armor Print Solutions.

They have acquired this year some of the assets and brands of Clover in EMEA and are at the heart of the discussions on originals vs. compatibles that we all need to monitor in the wake of new regulations and pending legislation on recycling, the ban of Single Use Plastics, etc.

They also celebrate 100 years in business this year.