IMPSGA’s meet in Paris // Words & pictures

IMPSGA members meet in Paris in June 2017. This meeting had quite a big turnout from the members with 8 companies and 23 people present.

Two main topics were covered:

  • There was a formal presentation by HP EMEA executives on the development of HP’s Strategy to address the A3 segment. One topic in particular was covered in detail,  which was SDS (HP’s Smart Device Services), and its potential impact on reducing service requirements for A3 devices, with the aim of disrupting the current A3 business model used by ‘copier’vendors.
  • It was also the kick start of work on a strategic plan for the members to work together on developing future revenue streams. Market research shows that MPS, as we know it, is getting commoditized and members recognize that. The next step is to continueto work together to find ways to address this, as the industry moves forward.