Intersys partnered with HP & announced the launch of a new service, HP DaaS

DaaS (Device as a Service) is an innovative solution that drastically changes the way businesses choose, design, acquire, manage, protect and maintain their technology.

This service offers the ideal combination of hardware and software for any operating system (Windows, Mac, Android) and any device (PC, mobile, tablet).

With HP DaaS, businesses no longer need to worry about the cost of investing in purchasing and renewing equipment, as the solutions Intersys offers turns supplying any business with technology equipment into a controlled operating cost, which results in the release of IT resources to be directed towards other business functions. At the same time, businesses gain easy access to state-of-the-art technologies and programs that provide maximum security and zero downtime.

The launch of HP DaaS comes at a time when IT departments are looking for new ways to manage each manufacturer’s devices with maximum efficiency. HP emphasizes on developing its business services by providing HP DaaS to more than 100 strategic partners around the world.

Intersys, stays committed to its vision to provide simple, functional and profitable technology as an integrated Managed Services Provider (MSP), complements an already impressive list of solutions with the addition of HP DaaS

Intersys SA CEO, Ms. Eleni Papandreou

We are very pleased that Intersys became one of our HP Gold Partners. Thanks to its multiple award-winning 15-member B2B sales advisory team, its active customer base of 2,500+ companies and its longstanding experience at MPS, it is the ideal partner for HP to promote the concept of “Device as-a-Service” and computers.

HP Hellas Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nikos Christakis