Solve all your problems with Intersys’ help

Is there ever a time that you wish you could solve all your problems at the touch of a button, but unfortunately you cannot?

Would you like to find an easy solution to the time-consuming processes of everyday life, but you are having difficulties?

Put an end to everything that makes your work tortuous with the support of Intersys!

With the right office solution, you can get rid of the burdens of your professional reality and increase your efficiency. What you need is not a simple document management software, but a smart information, document & workflow management software that can really perform your daily tasks at the touch of a button!

The ThereforeTM software enables small and large businesses to cope with challenges that make their work routine difficult and chaotic. Our goal is to free you from the time-consuming search and provide you with all-time access to correct information, protect you from any unauthorized access to confidential data, or the lack of a clear overview of your organization’s processes. At the same time, we help you reduce the high cost of storing information and documents and have full monitoring of the performance of your processes. Most importantly, with ThereforeTM TM you can manage any workflow & information whether it means automatic document archiving or digitization and automation of key business processes such as pricing, contract management, and much more. End time-consuming, repetitive processes and replace them with digitized, automated actions that are completed in just minutes.

Therefore™ is the most powerful tool to increase your productivity, minimize printed documents, and save time and money.

Therefore™ is a software solution that can benefit organizations and companies in all business sectors, regardless of their size and budget. It can be implemented into any type business, even one with no existing technology infrastructure, since the software can be used literally at the touch of a button!

ThereforeTM gives you quick access to valuable documents and corporate information at any time, even outside office, while providing maximum security for sensitive information. It can be used to help your business comply to GDPR requirements or other regulatory legislation, since the software allows encrypted storage, retrieval and logging of personal data, as well as simplifying the management of this information. A properly configured, maintained and managed ThereforeTM system helps you safely handle personal information providing you maximum protection against violations.

Intersys offers you full support throughout the project!

We always approach the implementation and installation of such projects methodically by always guiding you to get you fully acquainted with the capabilities of the customized solution that we will provide you with. With small and steady steps, we first take care of the digitization and automation of the smallest processes, and then we continue dynamically with you, depending on your needs and the growth rate of your organization. So you have a full understanding of the limitless possibilities of Therefore ™ and you can enjoy a new world of productivity and ease with infinite benefits for your business.

So solve all your problems with a document management and workflow solution with Intersys support!

Whether you want to reduce the cost of information management or you want a more efficient office with easy, simple, improved and secure procedures, Therefore™ is the ideal tool for you!