Kofax ControlSuite available in MHermida

Kofax ControlSuite Improves Office Productivity and Document Security with Innovative Print and Capture Capabilities Intelligent.

Print and Capture Software Significantly Increases Efficiency through Automated Workflows while Reducing Compliance Costs, available in MHermida.

Kofax ®, a leading supplier of Intelligent Automation software to digitally transform end-to-end business processes, today announced Kofax ControlSuite, an entirely new print and capture software solution that simplifies and enables the central management and governance of content flowing through multi-function printer (MFP) fleets, mobile & desktop devices, email, and print streams. Kofax ControlSuite actively manages, secures and governs virtually every aspect of the distribution in documents via printing, scanning, routing and storing throughout the enterprise – across any combination of hybrid systems, technologies and devices, including mixed MFP environments. The innovative solution provides unmatched efficiency through unified printing, scanning and workflow processes.

Market-leading enterprises are investing significant resources to transform their operations and better optimize and secure the flow of documents and information throughout the organization.
Kofax ControlSuite delivers proven technology and a simplified deployment model that reduces friction throughout this digital transformation journey, while also increasing return on investment.

Kathleen Delaney, Chief Marketing Officer at Kofax

Kofax ControlSuite is a unified platform that enables a single installation, configuration and management of print, capture and output management. Its modular architecture contains next-generation versions of Kofax Equitrac 6, Kofax AutoStore 8 and Kofax Output Manager 5.

– Equitrac 6  expands upon its robust print management capabilities with new mobile print release capabilities, Micro Card Reader Smartphone authentication, enhanced security capabilities, a new web-based administration console and basic scan to email or file.

– AutoStore 8  augments its rich capture capabilities with new authentication services, Micro Card Reader Smartphone authentication, enhanced mobile capture capabilities, healthcare workflow with HL7 and CDA support and new data extraction capabilities with OpenForms 360.

 Output Manager 5 has enriched its output management capabilities with new Micro Card Reader Smartphone authentication, a new Epic connector to service healthcare, an enhanced mobile app, advanced deployment options and basic scan to email or file.

Kofax ControlSuite boosts business productivity by ensuring that documents and information get to the right people at the right time — every time — through automated workflows and processes. As businesses seek accurate and timely access to business information, while reducing mistakes and errors inherent in paper-driven processes, Kofax ControlSuite enables enterprises to securely manage and govern documents, supporting compliance by automatically generating audit trails that track documents and how they’re accessed and used.

Kofax ControlSuite is the ideal solution to enable enterprises to digitally transform and modernize the world of print and capture by:

  • Automating user-centric print and capture policies to mitigate security risks
  • Reducing the risk of failed compliance audits
  • Enabling efficient automated workflows and information routing across multiple processes, including document capture, print, output and mobile environments
  • Providing a consistent user experience, even from a single mobile app that manages all print, capture and routing needs
  • Simplifying and centrally managing mixed MFP fleets
  • Reducing hard print labor costs while increasing workforce productivity
  • Delivering images and data to disparate line of business applications such as document management systems, accounting applications, databases, ERP, CRM and other systems

We’re committed to helping customers digitally transform their businesses. Kofax ControlSuite is designed to enable enterprises with a new way of working with content in this digital age of cyber-attacks, tougher privacy regulations and increasingly mobile workforces. It increases office worker productivity and minimizes security breaches while also reducing compliance costs – a very strong value proposition.

Kathleen Delaney, Chief Marketing Officer at Kofax