Soennecken eG becomes new owner of Nordanex

Soennecken eG invests in the growing “Digital Office” market segment and Acquires, as of January 1, 2018, a 100% shareholding of Nordanex Systemverbund GmbH & Co. KG based in Bremerhaven.

Nordanex management continues unchanged under the guiding hand of company founder Ralph Warmbold. Soennecken wants to use the IT know-how of Nordanex to help its network of office supplies dealers expand, in the medium-long term, the current office supplies business (known as PBS in Germany) to a more comprehensive range of office requirements provisioning.

“IT solutions are already a useful and necessary addition to the future offerings needed by the current markets of our Soennecken member companies” emphasizes Dr. Benedikt Erdmann, Board spokesman.” He sees the acquisition of Nordanex as “a strategic, very long-term investment”.

With the acquisition Soennecken eG secures its position as the leading cooperative with around 500 members in the office retail trade, adding direct participation in the growth market of IT system houses and increasing the consulting competence of its members.

Nordanex is currently the number 3 Cooperative with around 270 partners participating in the IT system house market in Germany. Founder Ralph Warmbold has played an active part in the succession planning needed to ensure the long-term survival of Nordanex. They were looking for a partner with experience in cooperative-style collaboration with independent companies within a network.

The companies will initially be managed separately. An agreement lasting several years has been struck with the founder over.

“I’m happy to participate in this agreement which promises a high level of continuity in the interest of Nordanex partners. It also offers a strong impetus towards ensuring our successful growth path, “says Warmbold.

In the medium term, Soennecken and Nordanex want to look at synergies and the development of services.

“We see the interconnection of the services offered by both companies as a requirement of our customers participating in the ‘Digital Office’ world” says Erdmann. “The possibilities of a medium-term strategic cooperation between Nordanex, the Soennecken members and Soennecken eG is a key focus that we want to address together with our members “.