Soennecken joins IMPSGA

Soennecken joins IMPSGA, the premier MPS independent Alliance– Among others, Members will benefit from New business opportunities

The Soennecken eG has joined the Independent MPS Global Alliance (IMPSGA). Alliance Members are well known companies from multiple European countries who offer MPS Services and focus on Medium and large Companies. IMPSGA accepts one member per country. Soennecken eG expects multiple advantages for its members thanks to the participation in the Alliance.

„Our Members have, through quality offerings, been able to promote their MPS offerings beyond their local and regional markets and found how to operate throughout the whole of Germany“, explains Winfried Schneider, Manager of Print + Copy at Soennecken. „After the fast success in the national market, the next logical step was to go abroad.“ As an example, the membership in IMPSGA enables a Soennecken-Dealer, when offering comprehensive MPS services to a client to also include international locations. „Abroad, it would be the IMPSGA Partner who would take over“, explains Winfried Schneider. The other way round, Members of the Alliance can use members of Soennecken to serve the German locations of their own. The first practical cases are already under progress.

Next to the generation of new revenues, Soennecken expects from the membership an improved knowledge of MPS Practice and Know-how. Alliance Members exchange during their regular meetings on subjects like Best Practice and Innovation in MPS. „We have the opportunity to look beyond our own noses and be continuously on top the latest developments, when it comes to International trends and developments in the MPS marketplace “, stresses Winfried Schneider. „This Knowledge edge provides our members with a clear benefit, ahead of our competition“ Of course, the other IMPSGA members will benefit from the strengths of the Soennecken-Dealers. Jean-Louis de la Salle, Co-chairman of the Alliance comments: „ With Soennecken, we have found a strong member to serve the important German market and look forward to refining further the MPS business model together. We want to create new deals and refer international customers within a more tightly knit than before international network of experienced MPS providers. “

The Soennecken Group:

The Soennecken Group is the leading German association of midsized dealers and resellers of the Office equipment sector and associated activities. The total revenues of the Soennecken Group in 2013 were approx. 571 Million Euros (net of Taxes). The cooperative was founded in 1926 with headquarters in Overath, Germany.

Today approximately 500 Dealers with some 1.000 locations take part in the four core business segments i.e. Retail, Catalogue trade, Print and Copy and Computer equipment; direct sales and newer concepts are being piloted as well.

Members can choose from a large portfolio of over 1.000 branded articles as well as the own exclusive brand Soennecken. Comprehensive services in Marketing, General Counsel, Finance and Logistics complement the services portfolio.

Since 2012, the CIS Commerce Internet Services GmbH located in Essen belongs to Soennecken eG. Soennecken commissioned it, to develop and build multiple projects. To name a few, there is the E-Procurement-System So.PROCURE and the online Shop technical platform So.COMMERCE. Both Solutions are deployed among the dealers with great success.

The IMPSGA Alliance:

Established in 2012, IMPSGA is an Alliance of premium managed print service (MPS) providers located across Europe. As the name suggests, it is an “Alliance” and not a separate company, but we hope to offer many of the benefits that a Pan-European company offers their customers.

The founding members of the IMPSGA announced the formation of the alliance at Transform 2012, the premier event of the MPS community. The first of its kind in Europe, it groups managed service-orientated value added resellers whose main business is focussed on delivering independent MPS to mid-sized corporations and large enterprises.