Soennecken Members successfully ITIL certified

After completion of a three day course that took place early March 12 leading members of the Soennecken group obtained their ITIL Certification.

ITIL is a de facto standard for IT business processes recognized in 48 countries. The training, conducted by Mrs Ulla Ohaus Ulla and Mr. Rolf-Dieter Härter of the Keyldo Business Process and IT Consulting GmbH, was centred around the introduction to the philosophy and structure of ITIL.

We believe that information presented in the training will generate a significant change and optimize service processes in the companies involved.

Winfried Schneider, Head of Print & Copy at Soennecken, with responsibility for generating added value for the members.

The aim is to make service processes for clients more transparent, more efficient and more effective; we will also make sure that that we convey properly the value of this enhanced quality to our clients. Building on this first step, there is a comprehensive training plan in place for the Soennecken members this year.