“The biggest reduction of printed pages, primarily black and white transactional documents, is behind us.” Tibor Brunclik

Julien Guerrand – Community Manager IMPSGA: Tibor could you quickly present Print Partners?Tibor Brunclik – CEO: Print Partners is one of very few independent MPS providers in the Czech Republic. It has been operating in the Czech market for nearly 25 years.

Richard Guelin, HEXAPAGE Group: « To contribute to our clients’ administrative processes efficiency »

Julien Guerrand – Community manager impsga.com: Good morning Richard, can you sum up in a few words your career and your role in HEXAPAGE? Richard Guelin – HEXAPAGE Group President: Good morning Julien. I have been working in the document space for over 20 years, including jobs at Danka and NetMakers. Since 2010, I have […]