Eurocom obtains CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark accreditation

Recently, Eurocom SA has successfully completed CompTIA assessment, obtaining CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark accreditation for Managed Print Document Services (MPDS). Acquiring this credentials validates once again the quality of our MPS services.

CompTIA Managed Print Trustmark accreditation is offered to companies that provide IT services at the customer’s premises and have proven they are truly devoted to their customers by providing them with a complete suite of MPS services, such as the use of standard operating procedures, the best industry practices as well as providing the appropriate systems and tools for MPS service delivery.

In a market with more and more active players, such an accreditation becomes a differentiator of the company’s services. The criteria to be met for obtaining accreditation are very demanding and varied – from the existence of a code of conduct, to assessing the management and financial capacity of the company, the sales, logistics and service capabilities of the firm, and the evaluation of the solutions used to manage and optimize the print processes. The accreditation process is very rigorous, with all of the company’s skills being properly documented.

Eurocom’s experience of over 25 years on the Romanian printing market, together with the size and complexity of some of the print fleets we manage and technical know-how, has been a plus in the CompTIA accreditation process.

“We are thrilled that the work done for our clients over the last quarter of a century has enjoyed today the recognition it fully deserves by obtaining CompTIA accreditation”.

Gabriel Kaufmes, CEO, Eurocom S.A.

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