“OFFICE inspiration” – Soennecken main catalogue ready for 2019 with strong assortment extension

For the second year now, Soennecken eG is publishing its main catalogue for itself and its dealer members under the title “OFFICE Inspiration“. It is the successor to the long-standing “BüroBest” and was also expanded for the edition in 2019 to new strong assortment areas.

This reference work that caters for most of the Office needs covers an article range of 18.500 products, which is presented on 1.044 pages.

The focus of expansion this year was in particular on the three following product categories Catering & Food, Hygiene & Cleaning and the Technology Division. Soennecken eG is taking into account the needs of people around office life.

“In order to keep up with the times, the selected groups of articles are based on detailed market analysis.”

Jens Melzer, Head of LogServe and authorized signatory at Soennecken

Since the new range of products places particular focus on pricing, the article groups were worked on intensively in collaboration with the assortment advisory boards of Soennecken eG.

“We are proud to have taken another decisive step in becoming a complete supplier around the office for us and the members with the latest product range enhancements and their presentation in the main catalogue 2019. “We are ahead of the market and answer to the newest needs in the office, being ready when the demand appears from the end customer.”

Jens Melzer

Soennecken eG once again recorded sales increases this year, which are well above market growth, which is among others attributable to its strategic orientation as a full-service provider. The handling of this sales and product growth is possible in particular through the new multi-function hall, which Soennecken eG opened in the fall of this year.

The second warehouse in Melsdorf near Kiel will continue to support these developments.

In addition to the logistics process and in order to strengthen retailers’ marketing activities, Soennecken eG offers them a well-rounded multi-channel program with a wide range of advertising options.

The sales representatives of the affiliated dealers – in their key function facing the customer – also receive support in various programs and services.

“The exchange with the dealers gives us new insights and provides the dealers with impetus for their daily work.”

Kai Holtkamp, Business Unit Manager Track and System Trading

In addition, this will teach us which additional services dealers will need from their cooperative in the future. We use the cooperative’s very idea that the community can do more than anyone on its own. “