Supplier’s day: Soennecken continues on its expansion course

During its traditional Suppliers’ Day, Soennecken eG presented excellent results for the current year. By the end of October, total sales increased by 6.8% compared to the previous year. Significant growth has been recorded at LogServe this year with an increase of 17.5%, which is well above plan.

The good results atLogServe are due in particular to increased sales from existing members.

“We achieve our sales through careful, solid work. Our dealers can rely on our quality and timeliness”.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ing. Benedict Erdmann

The range expansion in recent years has also contributed greatly to the good results. “This is part of our long-term strategy of providing office customers with all-round care,” emphasized Dr. Ing. Rainer Barth. The logistical performance remains unchanged at a high level, despite changing order structure and logistical effort. A sales increase of 42% over the last four years has been achieved with 70% more packages.

Complex solutions are also present in the field of furniture. Soennecken wants to be more active as a service provider in the background. It’s all about how people work today and in the future.

“We need to know what moves the customer.”

Torsten Buchholz, whose office furniture business is growing at just under 10%.

With work-sharing networks, even complex orders should be implemented in cooperation with the dealers.

“We see ourselves as a conductor who orchestrates and brings together.” 

Torsten Buchholz

In the new WorkLab, the participants admired first hand the office of the future. They rewarded the concept and implementation for a new culture of work and communication, with statements such as “This is something completely different” or “That’s how work is fun!“.

The concept for Ortloff (a chain of retail stores in Germany) was also convincing. Not only sales, but also the number of customers increased here. “Ortloff is successful through consistent active online and offline integration – we will continue to expand this approach,” said Margit Becker, Business Unit Manager Retail.

The supplier’s day has, so to speak, reached adult age in 2018. For the 18th time, the industry representatives met at Soennecken. “In 2001, the reason to create it was an economic imbalance of the cooperative,” Benedikt Erdmannre called. “Today, Soennecken eG is one of the few reliable anchors on the market.