Opening of the Soennecken-WorkLab: Invitation to reinvent the office work

As of today, Soennecken eG’s employees and members will find a place for new patterns of thinking, agile teamwork, modern and creative working methods for the office work world of tomorrow.

In a newly created workspace, inspiring rooms offer a “future to touch”. Soennecken presents itself in the industry as a source of inspiration and ideas for modern office work.

Almost everyone already has the experience of a good idea that was originally created in the corridor or in the coffee kitchen, instead of the classic meeting room. The reason is quite simple: rooms have an influence over people. Just as any given room inspires its own thoughts, so it influences the work produced. The aim of the new Soennecken WorkLab is to make a creative centre that promotes innovative work and new forms of cooperation.

In this creative space, different rooms offer the possibility of working together with other formats and other, preferably agile, methods.

“We want to create a new way of working here. To promote new ways of thinking, innovative solutions and a way to even more ideas and a project culture within the Soennecken community.”

Christian Weiss, responsible for strategy and innovation at Soennecken.

The WorkLab rooms are open, colourful, agile and surprising, just as the collaboration should be for new, innovative solutions. There are 5000 highlighters hanging under the ceiling. They show in a creative way how products can sometimes be used differently. There is a whole wall of stools to allow people spontaneously and flexibly to sit together in the desired number and work together. Here a table can be lowered out of the ceiling, there you can just write on the wall: everything to create the most flexible environment, appropriate to the theme and occasion. But furniture is not the most important thing. Methods such as design thinking, storytelling or prototyping are all about trying things out, thinking outside the box and, above all, constructively interacting with one another – across divisions and hierarchies.

Jointly conceived and brought to life by Soennecken employees, the WorkLab should be able to be used by Soennecken employees and members, including their customers. Thus, the WorkLab also offers the opportunity to try out live the “office work of the future” and to be able to help shape it – a tangible future so to speak – and thus build up consulting competence for the customers.

“We want to be a source of inspiration and ideas for this form of innovative cooperation in the industry and cordially invite our members and partners to this common way of working.”
Torsten Buchholz, Head of Office Equipment and Project Leader of WorkLabs.