B. Chaillou, Audire “Owning our equipment to better serve our clients thus delivering profitable and growing revenues.”

Julien Guerrand – Community Manager IMPSGA : Bruno, could you quickly present Audiré ?Bruno Chaillou – Owner Audiré: I created Audiré Caraïbes in 2006, addressing initially the business in French West Indies and French Guyana.Our offering is simple: to create and market innovative printing solutions for businesses.We have been a member of the IMPSGA alliance since the

HP 2016 Global Partner Conference Boston

Also published on IDeAs blogsite document-advisors.com The Global Partner Conference is HP’s premier event of the year for channel partners, press and industry analysts. So it was fitting that HP saved their biggest news for this event, delivered in a high energy compelling presentation, by Dion Weisler and his management team.

Efficient printing with PaperCut – ITS (Information Technology Supply Ltd) becomes contract supplier of Soennecken eG

Soennecken eG has signed up Info Technology Supply as a strategic partner and contract supplier. The company is Europe’s largest supplier of the well-known Print Management Software, PaperCut. This software collects, analyses and manages print, copy scan and fax jobs. One of the important criteria for ITS’ selection was the quality of its support.